NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (NSWICC)

NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (NSWICC)

The NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (NSWICC) exists to support the economic and social prosperity of Indigenous peoples in New South Wales.

We achieve this aim by building the business, procurement and employment Capacity of Indigenous Business Operators and Communities and, by promoting Supplier Diversity and the use of Indigenous products and services.

The NSW ICC supports Private Business Operators and Social Enterprise Managers with a commitment to establishing and growing viable businesses and to creating Indigenous wealth and employment.

Guwaali is one of 2,000 Indigenous Businesses with the Indigenous Chambers of Commerce .

The role of Indigenous Chambers of Commerce (ICC)

  • There is a major difference between mainstream Chambers and Indigenous Chambers of Commerce.
  • Mainstream Chambers are networking organisations, while Indigenous Chambers of Commerce provide this AND they actively foster trade, educate their members on business, advocate for Indigenous business owners locally and promote wealth creation (most Indigenous business owners are first generation business owners).
  • Indigenous Chambers of Commerce are the capacity building arm of the sector.
  • Where Indigenous Businesses Council of Australia (IBCA) and Supply Nation create a national environment for Majority Owned and Controlled Indigenous Businesses, the Chambers work in regions and states to feed the supply chain by building capacity and transferring critical skills to Indigenous Business owners and their employees.
  • This often leads to an increase of Majority Owned and Controlled Indigenous Businesses which the Chamber then refers to Supply Nation for certification.
  • The Chambers advocate for their members at the regional and state level and promote their engagement to Industry and government.
  • They also play an important role in educating industry and government procurement teams about local Indigenous supply and in fostering new relationships between Indigenous and Non Indigenous companies.
  • Throughout this process Chambers identify the needs and gaps within the Ecosystem as well as any models and case studies which work well including government programs aimed at supporting the sector.
  • The Chambers findings inform the Indigenous Business Council of Australia (IBCA) as our Peak Body. - The IBCA uses this information from the grass roots to build a stronger and more prosperous Indigenous business sector.



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