Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP)

Guwaali acknowledges and advocates Australia’s journey of Reconciliation.

It’s a path of Truth and Reconciliation, looking into the mirror, acknowledging and understanding the shared history, both good and bad, Australia growing up, fulfilling its destiny as a world leader.

The truth and facts need to be told, acknowledge and understood, so strong partnerships between the Indigenous Community and all sections of Society can be created with mutual respect and trust as foundations.

We congratulate you in this journey, possibly walking the path together, through Cross Cultural Training, sharing stories, making connections and learning about Australia’s history from an Indigenous perspective, the oldest living culture, traditions and civilisation on earth.

Australian history goes back more 60,000 years.

Creating a Reconciliation Action Plan can be part of the journey; the real challenge is in the implementation, through building lasting collaborative relationships, a journey of respect.

Logically reconciliation makes social sense and economic sense.

Guwaali’s consultants have been working on Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) as far back as 2007.

This was within a year of the launch of Reconciliation Action Plans in mid-2006 by Reconciliation Australia.

Guwaali has witnessed and been part of the developments, teething, improvements, evolution, issues and strategies that have occurred and continue to occur.

We work on Reconciliation Action Plans through the full development cycle from Consideration, Formulation, Implementation, Tracking and Enhancement.

As an external party we have the ability and capability to evaluate from an honest perspective.

We bring our experience with other organisations to the table when we work with you.


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