Cross Cultural Training

Cross Cultural Training conducted honestly promotes self-awareness, self-analysis and self-development.

What is the history of this ancient brown land?

Guwaali offers several types Cross Cultural educational experiences adjusted to organisational requirements.

Breaking down barriers and stereotypes through dialogue and conversion, and opening up your eyes to Indigenous society, history, traditions & culture.

Encouraging you to think, who are you?

As an Individual?

As an Australian?

It’s about comparing societies, cultures and traditions.

What is your history, your culture, your family and your journey?

What commonalities do we have as well as our individualities?

Guwaali Cross Cultural Training is not about laying blame, but about education and conversation.

Participants are actively encouraged to ask any question to the facilitators, seize the opportunity to learn.

It’s all about having discussions, having a yarn.


Guest Speaker/Panellist



Cultural Performance: Yidaki & Stories





Building a Solid Foundation – Sharing Our Stories


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